Khal Scripts

Next level of OSRS botting

Khal AIO Woodcutter


Getting 99 woodcutting was never so easy, Khal AIO woodcutter provides you with the best woodcutting experience possible. The script is being able to chop every log at every location. 

With it's build-in tree priortizer it will be smarter and faster then all the current bots you have tested before.

khal woodcutter 150
khal fisher 150
khal pestcontrol 150

Khal Pestcontrol


With this script it is possible to get full void in barely any hours. With it's smart walking and interactions, this script comes very close to human behaviour. Attacking the portals or defending the coid knigth can be choosen at the start of the script. To top this off you also gain tons of exp while getting your full void.

Khal AIO Agility


Getting 99 agility was never so easy before. This script is able to rune every single course and rooftop possible. The script will also pick up all mark of graces, getting you full grace within no time. Stop wasting your time doing courses over and over. Let this script do it for you!

khal agility 150

Khal AIO Fisher


Getting 99 fishing was never so easy, Khal AIO fisher provides you with the best fishingexperience possible. The script is being able to fish every fish at every location.